The food delivery market is growing at an exponential rate and you can generate more profits from delivery.

With Tiny Cloud Kitchens you can convert your restaurant into a multi-brand restaurant, operating additional brands from your existing kitchen to boost turnover and profits.

Or you can just operate Tiny Cloud Kitchens: achieving strong sales and low operating costs for a great return on your investment.


  • Proprietary Recipes
  • Full Supply Chain
  • Proven Delivery Brands
  • Delivery Software
  • Operational Model
  • Launch Training & Marketing
  • Ongoing Support
  • Website & Social Media


  • Tested multi-brand delivery model
  • Supported by global food trends
  • Powered by sophisticated technology
  • Industry leading gross margin and labour
  • Moderate to no property cost
  • No setup delays or unforeseen costs
  • Low upfront investment
  • There are tons of benefits to choosing Tiny Cloud Kitchens vs. running a traditional restaurant.
  • Including, a fully integrated system allowing you to offer multiple brands without complications and inefficiencies. Proprietary technology running a multiple delivery platform from a single dashboard with delivery driver integration.
  • Plus, fully-managed supply lines and lower commission rates with delivery platforms and a strong track-record in marketing brands in local areas. We also offer comprehensive marketing support to establish your business locally.