It’s that time of the year again when British food-delivery company Deliveroo, looks back over the past year to reveal its annual ‘Deliveroo 100 Report’ – a list of the top trending dishes ordered on the platform across its ten markets around the world.

  • Deliveroo reveals its annual ‘Deliveroo 100 Report’ highlighting trending dishes from around the world
  • Four UK dishes feature in the global top 10 this year with Poké Shack, Boojum, Atis and Fresh Mex all making the list A pork belly noodle soup dish from Hong Kong takes the number one spot globally 
  • Bowl food is back for Brits, with nutritional lunchtime bowls making up 40% of the UK’s top list and the Poké bowl in at number one for 2023
  • Brits shake off their fussy rep, with over half admitting to trying more than three new dishes or cuisines for the first time this year

14th November 2023: It’s that time of the year again when British food-delivery company Deliveroo, looks back over the past year to reveal its annual ‘Deliveroo 100 Report’ – a list of the top trending dishes ordered on the platform across its ten markets around the world.

This year’s trending list features an eclectic mix of dishes, with customers branching out from regular eating habits and exploring the wealth of different foods right on their doorsteps. From burritos to build-your-own salad bowls and even bunches of bananas, this year’s top 100 trending list includes some familiar movers and shakers from previous years and several new additions for 2023.


Here’s a taster of this year’s top ten trending dishes on Deliveroo around the world – with four UK dishes featuring in the top ten globally (see editor’s notes for the full top 100 list):

  • 1) 腩肉墨丸米線 (Mixian (noodle soup) with Pork Belly and Cuttlefish Ball) from TamJai Yunnan Mixian, Hong Kong
  • 2) Linguine Carbonara à la Parisienne (Linguine Carbonara, Parisian Style) from Livio Più, Paris, France
  • 3) Build Your Own Poké Bowl from Poké Shack, London, UK
  • 4) Gran Crispy McBacon® from McDonald’s, Milano, Italy
  • 5) Original (Burger), from SALT, Dubai, UAE
  • 6) Burrito Bowl from Boojum, Dublin, Ireland
  • 7) Salmon Style Poké Bowl from Hawaiian Poké Bowl, Ghent, Belgium 
  • 8) Build Your Own Salad Bowl from atis, London, UK 
  • 9)Sausage McMuffin® with Egg Combo for 1, from McDonald’s, Hong Kong
  • 10) Burrito from Fresh Mex, Aberdeen, UK

For the first time in the history of Deliveroo 100, Hong Kong takes the top spot for the most trending dish globally with TamJai Yunnan Mixian – a warming, traditional noodle soup made with pork belly and a cuttlefish ball. France clinches the silver spot with a Parisian pasta dish twist from Livio Più, closely followed by a build-your-own Poké bowl from Poké Shack in London. In fourth place, we find Italy, with the Crispy McBacon® burger from McDonald’sunexpectedly overtaking pasta and pizza dishes. 

Deliveroo’s top 100 list reveals a new global takeaway food trend for 2023: mix-and-match bowl food. Full of colourful, fresh, healthy ingredients, this trend proves a favourite across seven different countries, making up 40% of the global top ten list and a fifth (20%) of the top 100 global list. The biggest bowl food consumers are based in Italy, with the highest number of bowl-based dishes in the top 100 trending list. 

Long-time favourites, pizza and burgers, continue to reign supreme within the top 100 trending list globally, accounting for 7% and 19% of top global dishes, respectively. That said, the popularity of Mexican burrito wraps and bowls has nearly doubled since last year, now making nine appearances across six countries in the top global 100 list, compared to five in 2022. 


Here’s a list of the UK’s top ten trending dishes on Deliveroo for 2023 – for an extended list of the UK’s top 30, see editor’s notes:

  • 1) Build Your Own Poké Bowl, Poké Shack, London
  • 2) Build Your Own Salad Bowl from atis, London
  • 3) Burrito from FreshMex, Aberdeen 
  • 4) Build Your Own Burrito with Chicken Pibil from Tortilla, London
  • 5) Small Fairtrade Bananas 7 per pack from Waitrose, London
  • 6) 8 Pieces Boneless from Wingstop, London
  • 7) Chicken Ruby from Dishoom, London
  • 9) Harissa Chicken from Farmer J, London
  • 9) Gochujang Chicken Bibimbap Bowl from Grounded Kitchen, Birmingham
  • 10) Cheeseburger from Five Guys, London

In the UK, Poké is back in prime position with the Build Your Own Poké Bowl from Poké Shackin London, making it to number one in the local top ten list. It is closely followed by the Build Your Own Salad Bowl from atis in London, who have bagged themselves second place. Elsewhere, Scots have gone bonkers for burritos from FreshMex in Aberdeen, taking bronze ahead of Tortilla’s version of the Mexican dish in London, which comes in at fourth place. 

Avocados may have proved popular in 2022, but this year, there is a new favourite fruit on the block. Londoners have been besotted with bananas this year, with Waitrose’s fairtrade banana bunch sliding into fifth place, overtaking Deliveroo’s Restaurant of the Year winner 2021, Wingstop with their much loved 8 pieces Boneless dish (sixth), Dishoom’s famous Chicken Ruby (seventh), whilst London lunchtime favourite, Harissa Chicken from Farmer J is in at eighth, followed by the Gochujang Chicken Bibimbap Bowl from Grounded Kitchen in Birmingham (ninth).

Five Guy’s much-loved classic cheeseburger and Deliveroo customer favourite makes it to spot ten, marking the seventh consecutive year it has featured in the UK’s top 10 most trending dishes. 

Deliveroo Vice President of Regional Growth, Jeff Wemyss, said: “From bananas to burritos, Poké to pizza, it’s always fun revealing our annual list of Deliveroo’s 100 trending dishes across the globe.

Recent research shows us that people in the UK are becoming more adventurous with their food choices, with seven in ten (71%) saying they have tried new dishes and cuisines this year, which is evident from the variety of trending dishes in both the global and UK lists. We’re delighted to see customers sampling – and enjoying – the wealth of food on their doorsteps.”

UK TOP 30 DISHES TRENDS & INSIGHTS 2023 Discovery is on the menu Brits are becoming more adventurous with the type of food they order to their homes, with a third (33%) of the UK’s top 30 list made up of an eclectic mix of cuisines from around the world, including British, Mexican, Indian, Jamaican and Hawaiian and more. In fact, research commissioned by Deliveroo found that over half of Brits (52%) have tried more than three new dishes or cuisines for the first time in the last 12 months. 

Bowling for lunch In the capital, sandwiches are out in favour of healthier ‘build your own bowl’ dishes. Trending amongst office workers, Poké, salad and burrito bowls make up 40% of the UK’s top 10 trending list and 20% of the top 30. Research from Deliveroo backs up the trend with data revealing that bowl food such as Poké, salad or burrito bowls (51%) were more likely to be ordered by Brits for a takeaway lunch than the humble sandwich (37%). 

Clucking mad for chicken Whether fried, in a curry or marinated in a salad, Londoners continue to be the nation’s biggest chicken fans, with over a third (33%) of the top 30 list comprising chicken dishes. Favourite dishes include 8 Pieces Boneless from Wingstop, Chicken Ruby from Dishoom and Harissa Chicken from Farmer J, taking positions six, seven and eight, respectively. In fact, a third of Londoners said they’d most likely order chicken wings if they were ordering takeaway for lunch.  

Demand for rapid grocery delivery increases across the UK The demand for rapid grocery delivery has continued to grow exponentially since its launch on Deliveroo back in lockdown 2020 – so it’s no surprise that there has been a 150% increase in grocery items making the UK list compared to last year (2022). The most popular items in London include bananas from Waitrose and flowers from Wholefoods, whilst elsewhere in the UK, semi-skimmed milk from Morrisons in Birmingham, paracetamol from Boots in Edinburgh and Walkers Sensations from Co-op in Manchester are the top trenders. 

UK-BASED ORDER TRENDS AND INSIGHTS 2023 Deliveroo customers nationwide have continued to turn to the food-delivery app to order just about anything, from pumpkins to Poké bowls, picky bits and everything in between. In fact, the company’s riders have travelled the equivalent of 674 trips from Earth to the moon and back, delivering from over 60,000 best-loved restaurants and 8,000 grocery partners in the UK and Ireland. 

And with lots of orders, come some interesting customer requests… Deliveroo can reveal that Brits are particular when it comes to ordering chicken. Interestingly, the most trending delivery request from the past year is ‘I want all flat wings, please,’ with customers snubbing the humble drum-wing in favour of those which are crispier, easier to eat and best for dipping. 

Other popular chicken-based requests from across the country include; ‘thighs and legs only, please,’ ‘chicken well done, please,’ ‘no legs, please,’ and ‘burn the chicken, please.’  

And chicken is the only thing the nation is picky about, with other British delivery requests including:  

  • *“No tomatoes, please”
  • “Salt and vinegar, please”
  • “Extra spicy, please”
  • “No onions, please”
  • “No mushrooms, please”
  • “No pickles, please” * 

Do you want fries with that? Fries remain the most popular side order across the UK, with London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and Brighton the biggest lovers of the fried potato. Would you like fries with your sauce? Well, ketchup remains King of the most trending sauces in 2023; garlic mayo has overtaken traditional mayo in the dipping battle, closely followed by chilli sauce.  

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